Makeup is an art an art that runs through my veins. I come from a family of three female siblings and no doubt the art of creativity runs in our blood.

A true artist utilises different medias, textures and platforms within their masterpiece. My makeup is no different, I believe eyelashes can make or break any makeup masterpiece. I have for that reason designed my own, like every artists work varies, so do the faces that I come across daily. My eyelash collection has been designed so that it caters to all eye shapes and ensures you achieve the look you desire.

As any famous artist would do within their art pieces, I have used different techniques within my work, I have ensured I have catered for the smaller eyeshape by maximising the eyelash length from the middle so the eye appears more open, larger and fuller. For the more wide set eyeshape I have ensured an equal amount of eyelash volume all around and focused particularly at the front of the lash to make the eyes appear more equally placed. For the more closer set eyeshape I have ensured volume at the ends of the eyelash to again reinstate that the eyes are more equally placed. I have other designs that have a crossover eyelash look and I also have a feather eyelash look for that wispier finish. It is therefore very evident that with my eyelash range you can achieve whatever look you desire, be it simple everyday makeup or that dramatic evening glam. Anisa Beauty Lash caters for all.

Anisa Beauty Lashes are handmade from the finest Siberian mink fur, to provide comfort and luxury! We love animals and pledge to keep our products cruelty free forever! I want to ensure that every time you wear Anisa Beauty Lash you feel confident and proud of your purchase.

I hope you enjoy wearing my lashes just as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

Anisa xxx